The Trial

video projection, full scale, 9 minutes in loop, 2013


The video seems to be a sketch in which a main character dressed in a severe, military- like uniform harangues three vending machines. It explores the exaggerated gestures of the revolutionary speaker and archaic language typically employed in communist ideo- logical discourse. Included in the dialogue are quotes from four political and literary figures: Mao Zedong, Maxim Gorky, Winston Churchill and Mark Twain. Following a simple dialectic principle of pitting the judge’s arguments against those of the vending machines, we witness an exchange of irreconcilable ideologies in which neither party understands the other. 


​视频投影,9分钟循环, 2013

《审判》可以被看成是一出荒诞剧。艺术家扮演的审判者,夸张地运用了的革命时代的古旧语言和身体姿势,跟三个自动贩卖机展开了一场的理性的超现实的辩证讨论。审判者与自动贩卖机的关系无疑是共产主义和现下全球资本消费主义的某种矛盾关系的隐喻。 审判者就像大战风车的堂吉诃德,然而,风车不会与堂吉诃德争辩,自动贩卖机却巧舌如簧,审判者同时也在处在被审判的位置上。乌托邦幻想和现实之间的极大冲突,使我们面临一种普遍的精神缺失和集体性的多愁善感。