One Hour Occupy Parking Art, 2015, Nantes Galerie Paradise

侵占停车位一小时艺术项目,2015, 南特 

侵占停车位一小时艺术项目 ( 姚清妹)


文献,装置,2015, 南特



在南特paradise艺术中心驻留的三个星期, 我每天付费侵占展厅前面的公共付费停车位一小时。这一仅限四轮机车的停车位于公共道路上,属于城市的公共空间。它长5,81m, 宽1,83共约11平米。每小时需支付1.40欧元。周日免费。通过付费占据一小时的方式,我将它转换为Paradise展厅向外延伸的一个临时的艺术空间。我每天实施一项行为或展示一件四轮移动雕塑作品,比如:举行项目的的开幕剪彩;安装装固定电话;雇佣清洁公司的清洁工打扫空间;雇佣保安;转租停车位;吃早餐;午睡;雇佣乞丐;举办闭幕舞会等。这些事件通过照片,标注了日期和时间的付费小票以及简短文字阐述的形式在展厅内更新。 最终,在行为中使用过的物件被重新组装成一件车形的雕塑,从这一外部空间回归到内部的展览空间。 

One Hour Occupy Parking Art

Archive, installation, 2015


Yao Qingmei’s work ‘One Hour Occupy Parking Art’ encompassed a sequence of one-hour long daily interventions into the confines of a parking space near to Paradise - an art center. By occupying the parking space an hour each day, she tried not only to reconfigure its use as both a public space, but also provocatively sought to frame the site as an extension of the art space itself. The space was with a length of 5.81m, a width of 1.83m and covers an area about 10.7 m². The parking fee was 1.4 EUR per hour and free for Sundays. 


Her performance and actions transmitted between the functional and the ceremonious to the absurd, which included, and were not limited to ribbon cutting marking the One Hour Occupy Parking Art’s opening ceremony, installing a landline telephone; hiring security and sanitary stuff, having meals, amongst other encounters with the public. These actions were documented in the form of video, photographs, parking bills (with date and time), and a video recording the occupation.  

During the period of the project, documents related to the parking space were updated in the interior exhibition space. All the items applied and created during the performance became the components of a car-shaped sculpture. Yao Qingmei delivered a speech standing on the sculpture on the closing ceremony.

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