Pre-performance of 

“Mme Ling .V sur l’avenue Montaigne"

Installation: Video performance ( 4 min.), photography, objets,



In a flat, the ideal safe environment, I enact and explain a planned intervention to be performed in Paris at an address in Avenue Montaigne. My role is that of “Mme Ling .V”, one of China’s newly rich, having a nervous breakdown in the LV luxury store. Is such a rehearsal really necessary ? Stag- ing the rehearsal becomes a performance in its own right and a record of an event seen before it even occurs. 




视频, 照片





在这个行里, 林威登,一个中国新贵,在路易威登专卖店里突然爆发了恋物癖症的精神崩溃。 这件作品同时也提出了这样一个问题:行为是否需要排练?而这种排练同时作为行为之前的行为, 表演之前的表演, 同时也构成了行为之前的文献。那么行为是否真的发生?行为的真实发生是否有必要?

Avenue de Montaigne à Paris

Sac à main Emaüs  brodé "LV"

Mme Ling. V devant le magasin LV 

Archives de la pré-performance ( in progress)

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