Installation view,  galerie Lavitrine in Limoges, 2014

Victory, Pride, Endurance

Installation of performance art video, duration: 10 min, 2013


Based on a filmed choreographic performance, the video is shown projected onto scenery made from recycled materials in order to recapture a sense of the three-dimensional per- formance space. Featured in separate areas can be seen the Goddess of Victory, a group of gymnasts in high heels and a personification of Tragedy on a podium. The use of roughly- made, improvised props helps create a sense of theatre and ultimately distances the instal- lation from the original performance. 


胜利,骄傲, 忍耐


表演视频装置, 10分钟, 2013年


为了重建表演当下现场的空间感,我将之前舞蹈表演影像投影到一些捡来的被遗弃的废料上面。而表演本身, 则是围绕着一个举着橄榄枝的胜利女神,三个重复僵硬身体姿势的类似士兵的舞蹈队员,以及一个围绕着领奖台的手持兵乓球的女人展开。身体的能忍耐的极限使手中的橄榄枝渐渐落下, 表演在重复循环的行为中终结。

Installation view in Villa Arson Nice, dimensions variable, 2013